Navigating the New World of Search Engine Marketing


As the owner of Blush Marketing agency in Rapid City, I’m all too familiar with the saying, “If there’s one thing we can always count on, it’s change.”

Last month, Google announced that it had removed advertisements from the right side of search results—just when we’d all gotten used to it. Why? Well, I won’t boggle your mind with tech talk, so here’s the basic gist of it: Google was experiencing lower click-through rates of right-side ads compared with ads appearing at the top of the page. They also wanted to ensure that users had an optimal and smooth Web-surfing experience on their mobile devices.

What does this mean for you? Anyone who has invested or will invest in Google pay per click (PPC) marketing will now see their ads at the top of search engine result pages. There were previously three ads at the top of the result pages, but Google has now added a fourth spot for highly competitive search terms.

This means that more generalized search terms, such as “yoga mats,” might result in Google showing the user four ads for various national and local yoga supply companies. However, more specific search terms, like “ice cream Rapid City SD” will have no ads appearing at the top of the page—instead, there will be maps for local businesses who have registered their locations through Google. Directly under that, my clients who have optimized their websites for specific keywords will appear organically.

This means it has become more important than ever to invest in search engine optimization strategies, like the ones we offer here at Blush. My marketing firm can work with you to assess your business’ goals, and then take the necessary steps to help you achieve organic results through keyword research; optimizing your website; and developing a social media campaign that search engines (and your fans) will favor. At Blush, we can also assist you in rounding out your marketing campaign with PPC advertising to complement your organic efforts. The ultimate goal will always be to help your ads and your website appear at the top of Google’s list of results.

The online marketing world has become so intricate and complex that it’s difficult to manage without some assistance. That’s where I hope to come to your rescue. At Blush, we watch the trends and consistently tweak our clients’ campaigns so they can stay competitive each year, despite the evolving Internet marketplace. Of course, no online marketing campaign is ever perfect—since algorithms are constantly changing—but at Blush, we promise we’ll do our best to reflect the integrity of your brand.

At Blush Marketing creativity is our passion and customer service is our number one priority. With over 10 years of experience, we pride ourselves on setting and achieving goals for our clients in all aspect of their marketing requirements.