Starting off the New Year with Localized Search Engine Marketing


Starting a New Year means starting a new marketing campaign. While many local businesses decide to simply modify their existing campaigns, we find the best results come from those who go for a new creative look every year.

As with any small community, it is important for Rapid City businesses to keep their local search engine marketing in mind while building yearly marketing strategies and campaigns.

Localized Search Engine MarketingSEM

What may generally work with search engine marketing for one business may not work for another. Some may do localized content publishing while others may see better results through social interactions on popular social media sites. Breaking down the decisions to use what and when is the key component to managing a proper search engine marketing campaign.

To make sure you start off 2015 the right way, here are a few tips to keep in mind when reviewing your past and building new search engine marketing plans:

  • Well Defined Goals: Goals are the key factor to any marketing campaign, whether that be search engine marketing, billboard advertising, website design, etc. Without well-defined goals, your marketing tactics will simply fall to the way side with no meaning or purpose. It is important to remember that each aspect of marketing should have its own set of goals with at least 3 major common goals in mind.
  • Continue to Avoid Black Hat Tactics: With search engine optimization, a major aspect of search engine marketing, it is easy to get caught up in what we call black hat tactics. Over optimizing pages through keyword stuffing, submitting links to link farms, publishing articles or blogs that are also keyword stuffed, these are all ways to get your site rank to fall and potentially black listed through Google and other search engines.
  • Optimize with Goals in Mind: Once you have your goals for search engine marketing defined, review the various search engine marketing tactics that can be used to achieve each goal and eliminate any that do not fit may hinder your plan for the coming year. Keep in mind that not all tactics work for each business and finding what brings in proper conversions can be a lengthy process but it is not impossible.

Building a search engine marketing campaign should ultimately be done in the months leading up to a new year but if you find yourself falling behind, don’t panic. We are well versed in building and executing various levels of campaigns and would happily assist with getting your business back on track for 2015.


At Blush Marketing creativity is our passion and customer service is our number one priority. With over 10 years of experience, we pride ourselves on setting and achieving goals for our clients in all aspect of their marketing requirements.